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Water Tank Cleaning & Inspection

Samford Water Tank Cleaning Brisbane
Dirty water in my tank
Water Tank Cleaning

Vacuuming sediment from tank floors to improve water quality, reduce bacterial growth and extend the life of your filters and pumps. 

Water Tank Cleaning Brisbane
Water Capture System Cleaning

Clean your gutters, roof area or even the outside of your tank! Capture Clean Water!

Rainwater Tank Cleaning Brisbane
Condition Assessment

Inspect your tanks and capture system to ensure your precious water will be stored in the best condition

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We Take Your Water Seriously.

It’s summer, it’s hot and your water has a slight whiff and a tang to it. Thats not great! Bacteria breeds in water, the added heat of summer speeds up that process. 



Our tanks capture the water needed for our daily lives. Washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking, clean water is essential to making sure that we can continue to act out a healthy active lifestyle. 



The sediment in your tank consists of organic matter from the trees, bird faeces and anything that has landed on your roof and washed down your gutters! All of this forms at the bottom of your tank and breeds bacteria such as e-coli, cryptosporidium. QLD Health recommends cleaning of your tanks every 2 to 3 years or if water is contamination is suspected.



Water Tank Rescue offers a professional service to your water, based on a holistic approach to water integrity. How you capture your water is just as important as how you store it and how you provide it to your family. We work out ways to best get the water in and keep the contaminants and local wildlife out!