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We aren’t just Brisbane Water Tank cleaning professionals, we specialise in cleaning your gutters too! We often hear “Theres Dirty water in my tank”. Quite often, it has come from the water capture system. 


Rainwater collection systems, harvesting surfaces and just general roofs and gutters. It matters not what you call them, they need to be checked to ensure that they are not harbouring contaminants that may affect the quality of your drinking water. Bird droppings, tree debris and dust or soot from chimneys can all build up on roof areas which will make their way into your tanks on the next shower of rain. Usually this leads to gutters and downpipes becoming blocked leading to damage to ceilings and deterioration of roof sheets and gutters. Therefore thorough inspections should take place regularly (recommended 6-12 months) to gauge condition and apply solutions. 



HD2O utilises UAVs (Drones) piloted by CASA licensed operators (ReOC). Our operators are trained to manoeuvre and identify issue areas whilst staying inside the regulations set out by the authority. Big fines can be issued for companies not complying with the regulations. Our drones allow us to safely inspect the roof area without requiring us to get on the roof, a significant hazard to our team. In the event that we need to get onto the roof, our Height Safety trained Operators are able to access the roof, install safety systems and complete the work required.  



Whilst we are inspecting your roof, we take a number of photos of fixtures and other systems such as hot water and solar to provide you with a view of what is happening on your roof. If issues are identified, we have a network of excellent trade professionals who we recommend to come and repair.

Once the roof has been checked, leaf catchers and pipes leading to your tank are checked to ensure no contaminants are hiding out of sight. 


Contaminants? Debris? Blocked Gutters? What do we do?!?

HD2O Provides a range of services that can help remove contaminants and provide you with the best quality drinking water. It is always best to leave work at height to the professionals, the statistics for injuries for improper ladder use are staggering and many Australians are hurt every year trying to maintain their properties.



Along with our Australian based manufacturer, we have tailored a vacuum system which is perfect for cleaning gutters and removing leaf debris without having to get onto the roof. The unit really sucks! It is able to remove sludge and leaves from the gutter, is compact and easily moved around the property. The vacuum system is fitted with a wireless camera to ensure that we are able to see what we are doing and provide an excellent finish. Our drone does a final lap to make sure we have not missed any areas. Check out our instagram @hd2o_tanks to see us in action. 


 For the stuff out of our reach, our height safety team can access the roof and finish it off by hand. If contaminants are located on the roof, we are able to pressure clean the roof and divert the roof water away from your tank to a nearby garden or lawn area. 



HD2O is also able to provide pressure cleaning services to your driveways, paths and surrounding areas to help remove algal buildup, grime and general dirt from the surface. The finished product looks great and uses very little water. 

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