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Water Tank Cleaning

Why Clean Your Tanks

We love water, and I bet you do too! It’s hard to get by without access to clean and reliable water. We harvest clean pure rainwater into our tanks for us to use later. 


Unfortunately thats not all that gets in. Anything from dust to leaves to ash, roof coating, pollen and faeces flow down into your tank. Often this disturbs a layer of old sediment creating to a murky tank soup, primed and ready to clog your filters, pumps and taps.


 If thats not hard enough, pythons, possums, birds, mice, tree roots, mosquitos and the local goanna also love your water, often becoming their final resting place. 


Put all of this together and you can start to see why it is important to get your tanks cleaned regularly!

Tank Cleaning Methodology

Gone are the days of people climbing in and out of tanks (if needed, we can still do that!). Water Tank rescue prefers to clean your tanks while they are still full of water. 



This brings added benefits such as minimal water loss, you can use the tank straight after cleaning, its much safer for us and we can provide a great service quickly and with minimal impact on your day. 


If needed, we have specialist safety equipment and monitors to enter your tank to clean or inspect ensuring our safety and your own peace of mind. 

tank and water health

Would you store your drinking water in a bird bath? I bet not! It’s no different to your tank. 


A healthy well maintained tank stores your water with minimal contamination from outside sources, ensuring the best possible quality water for you and your family. 


Our goal is to keep the water in and everything else out!

fire tanks

Fire tanks on rural properties provide a critical source of water to the local fire service to help protect your property. 


Your local council will dictate the requirements on your property but a well kept tank can be the difference between a close call and a life changing event. 


Fire tanks should be inspected for sediments which clog equipment, access allowing quick connection to the fire system and general condition to ensure this crucial service is kept available for when you need it. 


Lets be frank, inspect your tank!

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