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QLD Health recommends us to drink a minimum of 2-2.6L of clean water every day. This is to help our bodies function optimally, enabling us to live an active healthy life!

The quality of the water we drink has a significant impact on our health, high quality water can help the body recover and perform but poor-quality water can be more harm than good!

Families reliant on rainwater have to manage the quality of their water through regular maintenance and filtration. This is why having your Rainwater system cleaned regularly is important!

So, what is your rainwater system?

  • Capturing System – This incorporates the area of your roof that is able to capture rainwater. Roof areas should be cleaned regularly from debris or contaminants to ensure that it doesn’t end up in your drinking water.
  • Delivery System – The delivery system incorporates your gutters, downpipes and other pipework/filters heading to your tank. This area is the main area of contamination to your drinking water and also the most overlooked!
  • Storage – You guessed it! These are your tanks! Tanks should be cleaned regularly (QLD Health states every 2 years) and checked over to ensure there are no areas for wild things to enter the tank.
  • Filtration – Filtration can only work as well as the water quality that it treats. This is an area for sediments to be removed, tannins and slight odors removed and pH to be balanced before sending to the house for drinking.

What happens when we drink good water? Please read on!

Benefits of drinking clean water

Prevent bacteria

Rainwater contains bacteria and bacterial by-products which can effect our health. A clean rainwater system reduces the amount of these bacteria, allowing the filtration system to work optimally to remove the small amount left over. This allows our body to consume good quality water without having to work hard combatting the impurities left by bacteria.


Water is an essential source of nutrition. For humans, it is important to stay hydrated for the proper functioning of their physiological functions. Water keeps the organs healthy and maintains the consistency of blood so that it can flow freely to provide oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. However, it is only possible when the water you drink is clean and safe.


When you are dehydrated, your heart works harder to supply oxygenated blood to other organs. It makes the detoxification process difficult and causes severe health issues.

By drinking clean water, you can get rid of all kinds of toxins from your body. Whether bodily reaction-created toxins or toxins from outside sources, drinking clean and pure water detoxifies your body.

Youthful skin (My favourite!)

When you drink clean water to keep yourself hydrated, your skin stays moisturised and prevents wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. On the flip side, when your body is dehydrated, it makes your skin puffy and leads to bloating.

The benefits of drinking clean water are not limited to this list. So make sure you drink enough clean water for overall good health.

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