Sludge in your Water Tank? Here’s How to Clean It!

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Sludge in your Water Tank? Here’s How to Clean It!

It doesn’t rain often in Australia! Therefore, people are interested about capturing clean water for their tanks.

A properly maintained tank ensures that rainwater remains fresh and clean. A key element of tank maintenance is sediment removal from the bottom of the tank. The sediment is a buildup of organic matter which comes from your roof and gutters.

Sediment buildup is a normal occurrence, water rushes from your gutters, suspended solids enter the tank and settle to the floor. This (usually organic) layer on the floor provides perfect conditions for bacterial growth, nitrates and phosphates to enter the water column. These all have an effect on the quality and safety of your water!

How to clean sludge?

Get in a professional!

Many Australians claim to have cleaned their own rainwater tanks. Unfortunately, the statistics for accidents inside water tanks almost matches this number. A professional tank cleaner like Water Tank Rescue is able to safely clean your tank and can do a really good job of it too!

Standard Cleaning

Every 2-3 years, tanks should have a sediment vacuum to remove the organic sludge layer from the tank floor. A sanitiser is usually applied to the water to help mitigate bacterial growth. This is also a good opportunity to have the tank checked out for any issues and repairs that may be required. 80% of cleans are performed this way and can be completed whilst keeping the water in your tank! This is a low impact, quick and effective service!

Drain down internal cleaning and Sanitising

Every 5-6 years your tank should be drained down to ensure that the tank is in good condition and have bio-films removed from the tank surfaces.

This is a more involved practice and should be completed by Certified Confined Space professionals with Gas Monitoring and rescue equipment.

The tank is drained down and a technician enters your tank. They then vacuum sediments, wash/scrub walls and sanitise internal surfaces of the tank. It’s also a really good time to treat any corrosion for steel tanks or treat cracks and roots in concrete tanks. Once it’s done, the tank can be filled by a water carrier or other storage on the property.

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