Tips to Reduce Algae Growth in Water Tank

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Tips to Reduce Algae Growth in Water Tank

With Australia’s climate cycles changing, having reliable rainwater available on the property is more important now than it ever has been.  Water Tank Rescue understands the importance of being able to capture, collect and maintain high quality drinking water. We are the premier solution for rainwater tank cleaning, inspection, repair and provide services such as water testing Brisbane .

One important factor to the health of your tanks is the management of Algal Growth inside the tanks. Algae grows well in fresh, well-lit water and can have an impact on the quality of the water through its natural processes. It is important to remove alge from tanks early to ensure that it does not become an issue. Luckily, we have some easy solutions for managing algal growth.

How to Reduce Algae Growth in Water Tanks?

Our expert Samford water tank cleaning Brisbane presents three tips that can reduce algae growth in storage water tanks; take notes.

Put a cover over your Inlet Strainer!

The inlet strainer is the number 1 point that light can enter your tank. Covers can be bought for most strainers to stop the growth inside the tank. Simply cut an appropriately sized hole for the inlet pipe with a hole saw! We can fit these whilst we are out cleaning your tank, just let us know if you want one!

Make sure your tank is Sealed and suitable for rainwater!

Similar to plants, algae reproduce with the help of photosynthesis. So, even a small amount of light seeping into the tank can accentuate the entire process.

It might hold water but that IBC isn’t for your rainwater! The transparent nature of the material is perfect for algal growth. If small storage is required for longer terms, look at investing at a small water tank which is manufactured specifically for this purpose.

If your tank is cracked or has a hole through which sunlight can enter, make sure to get it sealed (we can help with that too!).

Get your tanks cleaned!

Some tanks need some love! We can drain down the water, get inside and completely clean the interior surfaces of the tank. This ensures that biofilms are removed from all surfaces, returning the tank to a healthy condition ready for rainwater capture.

Use these simple tips and prevent algae from spreading in your tank. In case you cannot prevent algae from growing, contact expert tank cleaners North Brisbane. Reach out to our team at Water Tank Rescue, and get your water tank inspected, cleaned, and fixed. For more information, visit us here.

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