What are the Potential Issues That Affect Rain Water Quality?

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What are the Potential Issues That Affect Rain Water Quality?

Rainwater can be fresh, clean and excellent to drink. However, rainwater quality can be impacted by a number of things which can decrease the suitability for consumption. In this blog, let’s explore a few of them and learn how to capture clean water!

What can affect your water quality?


For water quality preservation, it is essential to stay aware of the factors that influence water quality.

Dirty Roofs

The roof surface is the first point of our rainwater collection system. Generally these are rinsed off during rain however leaf, debris, dust from construction, bird/animal faeces, pollen and flowers are collected on these surfaces and washed into the gutters. A note should also be made about roof areas during bushfires, smoke and ash can build up on the roof and this can severely contaminate a water supply! Roofs should be cleaned periodically to remove buildup of contaminants on the surface and behind fittings such as chimneys and solar panels.

Your Gutters

Everyone that meets Heysen from Water Tank Rescue knows that he always talks about Gutters! Gutters store a significant amount of debris from the roof. They have a “tea bag” effect leeching tannins and contaminants into the water captured from the roof. Gutters are the number 1 source of poor rainwater quality! Please Please keep them clean!

Sediment in the bottom of the tank

Sediment in the bottom of the tank has a two fold effect on the water quality in your tank.

  • Sediment is a optimal growth space for anaerobic bacterial growth.
  • Anaerobic bacteria grow in the organic sediment in the bottom of the tank. This leads to issues with water taste, excess toxins from bacterial byproducts as well as a buildup of hydrogen sulfide. Luckily Water Tank Rescue are experts in cleaning your tank!


First Flush Systems and Tank Strainers

WHAT?! I put those on to help with my water quality!

These systems are great at catching the final debris from your gutters! They hold a concentrated cache of organic matter that is incredibly toxic. These should be cleaned out after every rain event by removing the end caps, hose out any remaining debris and clean the fine drip filter. Tank Sieves should also be cleaned regularly (remember the tea bag reference from your gutters? Same applies here!).

Other Contaminants in the Tank

In Australia, water is gold! (You may argue due to all of our recent rain however try getting a water delivery in the middle of drought!). Plants, snakes, possums, birds, mosquitos and frogs all want to get to our water too. It is so important to keep tanks secure by ensuring that nothing is able to get into the tank. Overflow points should be fitted with screens, plants should be kept away from tank edges and check pipework leading to tanks for frogs. Have your tank inspected regularly to ensure that it is secure from contaminants!

To ensure your continue to Capture Clean Water, it is important to inspect the supply system regularly. Poor quality water poses a health risk to you and your family. Lets do something about it today à Book water inspection with experts at HD2O Water Tank Rescue.

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